Russian beauties brought Denise Richards to rabies

titleFor anybody not a secret that Hollywood stars have long jealous of the beauty of Russian girls. For example, Monica Bellucci, one of the first beauties of the world, once admitted that "Russian girls are the concentration of beauty".Ice Princess Katarina Witt also repeatedly claimed that Russian women are the most beautiful and attractive.Recently the list of zavistnici joined ex-girlfriend of 007 James bond, star of the film "the world is not enough Denise Richards. One of the sexiest Actresses of America never complained about the lack of attention from men.During shooting for men's magazines she paid not less than the Pamela Anderson. However, having arrived to Moscow, on the reception on the occasion of the opening of the twentieth fashion week Denise Richards are unable to restrain their negative emotions when faced with Russian beauties.Note that the celebration took place in one of the trendy Moscow restaurant, where radiant actress arrived accompanied by her boyfriend and guards. Seeing leggy blondes, star has changed dramatically in the face. Her Hollywood smile, symbolizing success, disappeared.Instead reach out to people, the actress chose a closed area of the restaurant where drew away and his companion. Читать полностью -->

Mystery death of Alexy II

titleAlexy II died of angina - the heart of the Patriarch could not withstand permanent loads, his Holiness has worked for the benefit of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church, without rest.The heart of the first Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church could not withstand the load which is constantly carried his Holiness.After a few hours of light after the death of the Patriarch at his residence in Peredelkino arrived prosecutors and forensic scientists. No one, of course, and could not assume that the sudden death of 79-year-old Prelate lies something dark, but this is the order.- The body was examined, as is necessary in such cases, - has told "Your DAY" a source in law enforcement bodies. - No sign of anything suspicious, of course, is not found. And because of the opening even out of the question, that in conclusion made the data that have been collected during the last lifetime medical examination by a Patriarch.HeartMiser line of medical findings in the walls of the Central clinical hospital, little that will tell the uninitiated: "IHD (ischemic heart disease. - Ed.). Angina, NC 2 B burdened (circulatory insufficiency of the second degree. Читать полностью -->

Brad pitt dreaming of solitude

titleHollywood star brad pitt likes to live in New Orleans, because this is the only place where his family can feel lonely". He also spoke about the motivation to participate in the film "the curious case of Benjamin Button".Brad pitt who is raising six children with his lover Angelina Jolie can avoid much interest in his personal life, only when he returns home in the American town.Says the actor, "only in New Orleans can we go back to normal if at all possible. The people living here, more important than all this stuff, including our photo.Also the movie star admitted that she decided to play in the film "the curious case of Benjamin Button", wearing layers of makeup, artificial noses, wigs, because he is very eager to work with Director David Fincher.This Director previously directed the filming of the popular movie "Seven" and "Fight club".Remembering the time when he first saw the work of Fincher, brad said, "It was after a strong uproar in Mexico in 1992, I watched "Alien 3"."I remember, came out of the theater and think - OK, that's not what I was expecting. It was not the ending of a Hollywood movie. I was impressed," recalls the star. Source: brad pitt dreaming of solitude. Читать полностью -->

The operator brought Christian Bale to hysterics

titleChristian bale always seemed calm and confident actor. However, recently opened interesting details from the filming of "Terminator". After one scene, Christian so wound up that he began to yell at the principal operator.He accused him that he intentionally spoil the scene.He absolutely did not mince words, and swearing at his words clearly prevailed. This recording was sent to the insurance company, which was engaged in the film, in case Christian will refuse to continue to play. Source: Operator brought Christian Bale to hysterics. . Читать полностью -->

Died fashion designer Ted Lapidus

titleAt the age of 79 years after a long illness in a hospital Kanna died legendary French fashion designer Ted Lapidus. The last few years of the famous couturier struggled with leukemia.Ted Lapidus was born in 1929 in Paris in a family of emigrants from Russia, and in 1958 he opened his own fashion House. As RIA "news" world fame came to the designer of the 1960-ies. He became famous across the world for their clothing in the style of "unisex". His outfits worn by the famous actress Brigitte Bardot and the legendary Frenchman Alain Delon.Ted Lapidus had a son Olivier, who is also one of the recognized authorities in the world of high fashion. It is expected that the funeral of fashion designer will be held on Friday at the Paris cemetery PГЁre Lachaise.I must say that in September, the fashion world lost another talented designer and stylist. Читать полностью -->

Basque risks his life for the sake of career

titleNikolay Baskov recent months and if appears at social events, then goes sad and almost never smiles.- I have a bad headache, " he explained in an interview, "Only the stars" the reason for this singer. - I have hypertension, I have a lifetime to deal with this disease.According to relatives of people Baskov Nikolai very inattentively relates to your health.- How many times have we asked him: "nick, go see a doctor, you need therapy," said friends of the singer. But he just nods his head, pulls out a pack of strong pain, swallows it and rushes to the next concert or filming for television.However, according to doctors, high blood pressure without treatment is very dangerous, since it leads to strokes and each year more and more progressing. To stop severe headaches, which suffers a singer, you need to go to hospital and undergo body cleansing: liver, intestine, blood vessels, and then the rest of your life to follow the rules and to take the medicines doctors prescribe.But the chart Nicholas painted by the minute for years to come.- You know, I can't afford even a short holiday and I'm sad about nick smiles to our question about the treatment.- Maybe it's better not to go to star parties, and spend the evening at home? - we continued.- I'm not one of those who hangs out, " says Basque. But the birthdays of close friends can not miss.Relatives of the singer, looking at him, flummoxed.- What can we do? - they lament. - Nick is a grown man, we don't get him by force to the hospital.Meanwhile, the change of weather and stress cause Baskov terrible headaches. Читать полностью -->

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